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Tips for Brides

  • HAIR AND MAKEUP: Have your hair & makeup done professionally, even if your girls do their own. Professionally done hair & makeup makes such a huge difference in your photos, your overall confidence and happiness with how you look, and also how well your look holds up throughout the day. By the time your bouquet toss rolls around, you’re unfortunately going to be looking very rough if you’ve done your own hair & makeup. However, a talented professional can create a look for you that lasts all night, well after your 5th glass of champagne and tearing up the dance floor.
  • SPARKLER EXITS: If you want to do a sparkler exit, use wedding sparklers, NOT the 4th of July style. The difference is vital to your photos and honestly, to the safety of your guests. 4th of July sparklers last only about a minute ( which is NOT long enough to get everyone’s lit, organized, and get great shots of you as a couple coming through the tunnel; plus, they don’t burn long enough for us to quickly do a re-shoot of your exit should something go wrong the first time you run through ). 4th of July sparklers also smoke like crazy, making your photos foggy, unclear and super hazy. Lastly, they don’t give off a pretty color when they burn; they cast an ugly purple or blue tone over everything, whereas wedding sparklers burn a nice, clean yellow-white which makes the color of your images beautifully even.
  • HANGER: Bring a nice, wooden or custom hanger for your wedding dress. Self-explanatory: plastic or wire hangers just don’t photograph nicely…
  • MEALS FOR VENDORS: Feed your vendors at the reception! Rule of thumb: if a vendor is going to be working at your event for longer than 5 hours, they deserve a meal at dinner. The easiest thing possible is for us to just run through the buffet with the rest of your guests. Please be aware that if your venue coordinator or caterer claims to have “vendor meals” prepared for us, it consists of a cold, plastic-wrapped ham sandwich and an apple. Not the most fulfilling / rejuvenating meal after being on our feet all day long with hours of reception coverage still to go.
  • HAVE A DAY-OF COORDINATOR: If your venue offers one, awesome. If not, please, please, PLEASE do yourself and us a huge favor and just bring someone in to help the day run smoothly. We can’t tell you how many times we have had to organize bridal parties, deliver flowers, bring dinner to the bride & groom during the reception, pin boutonnieres, etc. These things are NOT our responsibility, and it’s unfair to leave these things in our hands when we are already focused on doing the job we were entrusted with. A day-of coordinator is the difference between chaos, unhappy vendors, and stress, and smooth, conducted bliss.
  • WEATHER: Plan for rain, hope for sun. Listen, we hope it doesn’t rain on your wedding day. Truly. But, every bride needs to be prepared as if it is going to. So many ceremonies, we’ve watched uncomfortable and annoyed guests sit in freezing cold, pouring rain with no umbrellas while the minister drones on. Will it rain on your wedding day? Probably not, your odds are good. But at least have an emergency game plan if it looks likely.